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Beejamrutha Preparation method and uses:

Posted On : June 04, 2020

The Beejamrutha is mainly used for seed treatment. Seed treatment is very important for seed germination, because during the germination many diseases may attack in the germination stage. The seeds soaked with Beejamrutha are controlling the seed's disease, which increases seed germination.

Ingredients Required for Beejamrutha:

  • For 100 kg seed use water 20 liters
  • Use cow urine 250 ml for one liter of water
  • Use Cow dung 250 grams for one liter of water
  • Use Lime 2.5 g per liter of water
  • Use soil-like dikes or clay bundles, which do not have any stone

Preparation method Beejamrutha:

  1. With the help of plastic or cement tank-mix all the ingredients in it. And Make sure that there is no lump in cow’s dung. And with the help of a wooden stick mixture the ingredients. The mixture should be rotated to the clockwise direction. so that positive energy spreads in the mixture.
  2. And the mixture tank is Cover with a jute sack or poly net. And the tank should be kept in the shadow place, And be ensured that the tank is not directly exposed to the sunlight and rainwater.
  3. After one day the Beejamrutha is ready and it can be used for seed treatment.

Preparation time:

12-24 hours


Use it to disinfect for the seeds. However, it can be kept for 7 days.

Use of Beejamrutha:

  • 20 liters of water can be used to prepare the seed production for the 100 kg seed.
  • And seed must Spread on the plastic sheet on the ground. And Sprinkle the Beejamrutha on the surface of the seeds. Mix the seeds properly and make sure that all seeds are spread with Beejamrut.
  • And seeds like pulses should be mix carefully, and therefore they should not rub them hardly. Use your hands properly to mix seeds

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