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Best Agriculture apps in india

Posted On : June 17, 2021

Digital India launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi which aims towards the promotion of digital literacy and started the digital infrastructure, for helping Rural India to realize this success of the farming community. while 58% of Indian households still depend upon Agriculture as their greatest source of livelihood, it’s time to offer more specialise in Digital Agriculture for a growing and prosperous India.

Farming apps are the foremost convenient and useful medium to guide farmers in farming. It gives you the rule for doing the right scientific way of farming, crop cultivation, sowing or harvesting of any crop or vegetables. Farmers can easily solve their farming problems associated with pest or insect attack or any problems which put them during a difficult situation. A farming app are often the simplest friend of farmers in farming which may enhance their productivity without spending one amount of cash . you'll easily download it from your Google play store without paying one rupee.

lets look, we are going to see the list of top 30 agriculture mobile apps for the farmers in India.

S.No App Name Download Link
1 Kheti-Badi
2 Iffco Kisan
3 Agriplex
4 Market yard
5 Indian Satellite Weather
6 Zero Budget Natural Farming
7 Kisan Space
8 Crop Insurance
9 Mandi Central
10 Machinery guide
11 Uzhavan ( Tamil App )
12 Kisan Suvidha
13 Agrowon
14 Shetkari
15 Kisan Yojana
16 Krishi Network
18 e-Gram
19 Fasal Salah
20 Farm Bee
22 Coconut expert ( Tamil)
23 Napanta
24 Agrimarket
25 Bijak
26 Agromedix
27 Bajar Bhav
28 Agriculture Business
29 Agri Live
30 Agri App

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