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Brahmastra preparation method and use :

Posted On : June 05, 2020

Brahmastra is a natural pesticide against large and small insects. such as borer, pod borer, and fruit borer. This Brahmastra liquid natural pesticide mixture can be made by farmers easily at home.

Ingredients Required for Brahmastra :

  • Cow urine
  • Neem leaves are crushed 100 grams per acre
  • Karanj leaves crushed 100 grams
  • Custard apple leaves crushed 100 grams
  • Castor leaves crushed 100 grams
  • Dhatura leaves crushed 100 grams

How to Preparation Brahmastra:

Step 1:

With the help of plastic or cement tank-mix all the ingredients in it. And with the help of a wooden stick mixture the ingredients. The mixture should be rotated to the clockwise direction. so that positive energy spreads in the mixture.

Step 2:

After that Boil the mixture on the fire.

Step 3:

And the mixture tank is Cover with a jute sack or poly net. And the tank should be kept in the shadow place, And be ensured that the tank is not directly exposed to the sunlight and rainwater.

Step 4:

For 1 minute, Twice in a day keep mix the mixture by rotating clockwise with the help of a wooden stick.

Step 5:

After 48 hours, filter the Brahmastra mixture and keep the natural pesticide mixture in the bottle and kept it very carefully.

Preparation time:

duration for prepare Brahmastra it takes 48 hours.

Storage :

This natural pesticide Brahmastra can store for 6 months.


For a 1-acre agriculture land farm, use 6 to 8 liters of Brahmastra mixture with 200 liters of water and sprinkle on the plants. and with the help of foliar -spray sprinkle it to all the plants. and Sprinkle the Brahmastra on infected plants use 3% Brahmastra with water. and If the infection is high use a 4% mixture.

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