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How To Prepare Amirtha Karaisal: Step By Step Guide

Posted On : April 19, 2020

Amirtha Karaisal is very important and one of the most effective organic manure which helps as a plant growth stimulant. It is also called as Amruthpani in Hindi. And preparation Method of Amirtha Karaisal along with the required ingredients given below:

Ingredients of Amirtha Karaisal

Ingredient Name
Quantity in Litres / Kgs
Cow’s  Urine
1 Litres
Fresh Cow Dung
1 Kilogram
10 Litres
25 grams
Ipomoea Cornea ( optional )
( Neiveli Kattamanakku )
1 Kilogram

Preparation of Amirtha Karaisal

For the preparation of Amirtha karaisal mix all of the above ingredients and stir three times per day. After 24 hours the Amirtha karaisal manure will be getting ready. This Amirtha karaisal liquid manure must be kept under the shade and covered with a thin plastic mosquito net to stop houseflies from laying eggs and the formation of Maggots (worms) in the solution.

This liquid manure can be used as a foliar spray or as a liquid that can be mixed with irrigation water and applied via the drip/ flow irrigation method. Dilute one liter of liquid and Spray in a 10:1 ratio mix with ten liters of water.

Other Information:

Amirtha Karaisal the ideal time for spraying the liquid is between 3 p.m and 7 p.m. you can use any sprayer and before spraying filter the liquid. when Farmers can mix this liquid manure along with the irrigating water. For one acre, you must use more than 200 liters of karaisal is used. And also It can be sprayed once or twice a month. The Amirtha karaisal also mixed with irrigating water acts as a tonic for the soil and makes it rich in nutrients. It helps the earthworms which live under the soil surface, and it comes to the surface of the soil to feed on this solution.

Advantage of Amirtha Karaisal

  • It helps to provide immunity to the plant system.
  • It is an organic product has the potential to play a very important role in promoting growth to the plants.
  • It is a crucial aid to soil preparation for enhancing yield.
  • It also contains natural NPK fertilizers.
  • when Amritha karaisal is used, there is no need to add additional manure for plants.
  • It helps to grow useful microorganisms in the soil, this activity will continue and generate nutrients to all plants.
  • It helps crops grow without the disease.

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