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How to cultivation Azolla:Step By Step Guide

Posted On : March 23, 2020

Azolla is a wonderful small aquatic plant with a branched stem and small triangular leaves.and it is a branched free-floating aquatic fern, and it rapidly grows on the surface of the standing water. The Blue-Green Algae cyanobacteria azollae fixes nitrogen it is an excellent source of nitrogen also it to his high nutrient value. The nitrogenrate fixed is around 25 kg/ha.

Azolla helps too paddy cultivation farm because Azolla grows a thick layer in paddy farm and covers all farmland and it works as mulching which not allows producing wetland. also, it stops the water evaporation rate and maintains soil moisture levels for a long time. Azolla flakes can be used as chicken feed and green Azolla is also a good feed for fish. Azolla can be used as a bio-fertilizer, and act as a mosquito repellent, Azolla is good in the preparation of salads.

Nutrition value in Azolla

  • protein (25-35%)
  • Calcium (67 mg/100g)
  • Iron (7.3 mg/100g)

Cultivation process of azolla

Azolla cultivation requires cement concrete tanks (or) Create a pond artificial for growing Azolla.

To Create a pond Dig out the soil from the pond and level the soil uniformly after that spread the plastic sheet around the pond to stop water loss. Make sure the pond is dug at least 20 CM Deep.

Azolla for the large scale you should construct tank and distributed the soil uniformly across the bottom of the tank. The depth of the layer of soil is should be about 10 cm.

Fill the concrete tank with water till the water reaches to a height of 10 to 15 cm above the soil.

Azolla needs Super Phosphate is to be added at the rate of 5 g per sqm of the concrete tank area every week to grow well.

Azolla needs Cow dung is to be mixed at the rate of 1 to 1.5 kg per sqm of the concrete tank area. Use, cow dung 4-5 days old.

To prevent pest infestation adding 2 g of carbofuran in the tank.

Buy and spread fresh Azolla around 200 g of over the surface of the water. It takes to grow about 2 weeks to cover a mat over the water surface.

Azolla cultivation needs 30% sunlight and direct sunlight will destroy the plant. If the tank or pond under the tree is very safe. otherwise, coconut leaves may be put above the tank also prevents dew during winter.

After two-week, you can harvest 1.5 kg Azolla per day.

Important tips to grow Azolla

  • To avoid overcrowding .Azolla should be harvested regularly.
  • Azolla tank changes the water and soil completely, at least once in six months and then add Fresh Azolla.
  • The pH of the medium should be between 5.5 to 7.
  • Adding a mixture of Super Phosphate, and cow dung once in 5 days for good growth.
  • Temperature 35 degrees Celsius is an important factor for good growth.

Azolla for livestock feeding

Green plants have long been recognized by their ability to synthesize amino acids as the cheapest and most available possible source of proteins. Azolla It has been used feed for livestock, so many years throughout Asia to feed ducks, chickens, cattle, fish, sheep, and goats.

Azolla is very rich in Beta Carotene vitamins A, B12 proteins, amino acids, and minerals including, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, ferrous, magnesium copper, On a dry weight basis, Azolla has protein content,25-35% mineral content 10-15%, and 7-10% comprising a combination of amino acids, bio-active substances, and biopolymers. Azolla’s carbohydrate and oil content are very low.

Mosquito Control

Azolla is known as the mosquito control breeding populations by more than 95%. Azolla helps by covering the surface of standing water, freshwater bodies, stops adult mosquitoes from laying eggs in freshwater and also reducing the development of mosquito larvae.

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