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How to identify organic fruits and vegetables

Posted On : June 11, 2021

We are within the 21st century where most of the people are considerably careful about their health, and that they like better to have organic vegetables and fruits due to their advantages.

We agree that organic vegetables and fruits are price is higher compare with regular products and products containing pesticides. Organic grown veggies and fruits take an extended time as farmers don’t use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. you'll call the natural grown process is named organic.

Today, we'll explore the points that assist you identify organic vegetables and fruits physically without chemical testing.


Organic vegetables and fruits don't look beautiful, and you'll find their shape irregular, no two items of an equivalent veggie or fruit are going to be identical. you discover a difference in color, shape, and size. In organic fruits and vegetables, you'll find rough skin with a color difference. If we mention grains, you'll havesome pulse grains in your hand and see the yellow color difference in each grain.

Smaller in Size:

you would possibly say wow by seeing giant pumpkin or bottle guard or the other vegetable or fruit. we propose you are doing not bring that big-size vegetable and fruits on your plate as they need been grown by artificial synthetics in only one night. Organic fruits are a touch smaller in size. Organic vegetables and fruits can also be produced during a bigger size with the assistance of hybridization.

Smell and Taste:

Natural is simply tastier. once you cook organic vegetables, you'll realise that you simply need less spices as there's such a lot natural flavour. Similarly, organic fruits are juicier as they're allowed to ripen on the tree. Otherwise, fruits are usually plucked when green then gassed to ripen and increase time period . within the case of a banana, your taste buds will speak up because the pesticide fruit has more water thanks to the spraying of acetylene gas. Unfortunately, most mangoes today are artificially ripened and apples have the utmost pesticides. The adage 'an apple each day keeps the doctor away' is really just for organic apples.


organic fruits and vegetables contain more seeds when compare with organic fruits and vegetables. the simplest example of seeds check is watermelon, papaya, and brinjal.

Worms and Insects:

naturally grown vegetables and fruits have worms and insects as they're favorable to naturally grown crops. If you discover some holes within the green vegetable, then you'll buy an equivalent as it’s a symbol that the farmer has used fewer pesticides for that crop. Similarly, if you discover insects in your pulses and rice, then no got to worry. you would like to scrub them correctly or put them under the sun for a few time as insects don’t contaminate your food.

Shell Life:

rind of organic fruit or vegetable features a short life. Non-organic shell will stay for weeks while organic one are going to be stale after 2-3days maximum in average temperature. you'll keep them fresh for an extended by using the refrigerator.

Cooking time:

organic food takes less time in cooking, so take care about cooking the organic vegetable because it might burn if you retain it for extended at ignition.

Price look-up Code:

Organic products have a PLU code for every product for fruits, vegetables, Jute, and textiles. For organic fruits and vegetable, PLU code consists of 5 digits and therefore the first number starts with 9. PLU code may be a good checker of organic products.


Organic feels healthier, is way lighter on the gastrointestinal system and also helps reduce acidity and gas related GI issues. you'll feel a perceptible difference in time .

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