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How to prepare fish amino acid: Step By Step Guide

Posted On : April 08, 2020

During the raining season, a high quantity of fish waste and non-edible fish related waste is created in the market. The fish processing units to generate a huge amount of fish waste. and there are no proper disposal systems in the fish market, it often creates environmental pollution and epidemics. If this fish waste is suddenly processed in a timely manner, besides the solution to this problem of pollution, it will also make as a useful growth plant booster. This growth plant booster is much better than the fish amino based plant boosters, that are available in the market and stores.

Recycling fish wastes

The rich proteins contain in fish waste. Beyond 24 hours we cannot be kept, as it easily attracts by microbes, flies, etc. The Microbial degradation with aerobes will putrefy it emanating foul smell. And this scientific and controlled fermentation can control foul smell and produce natural desirable products that can be used, as a plant growth promoter.

Ingredients of fish amino acid

  • 1 kg of native fish
  • 1 kg jaggery

How To Prepare Fish Amino Acid

  • Clear the fish intestines and chop them into small pieces. (don't use intestines are harmful and it smells bad).
  • Take a Powder jaggery and add it.
  • Add the chopped fish and jaggery to a broad-mouthed glass jar (best) or plastic jar that is the right size (not too big).
  • And closed the jar with the lid, and tighten it, and shaking the jar mix it well.
  • Don't add any water to the jar.
  • After thirty days this will get fermented.
  • The fermented liquid Filter by using nylon mesh to get a 300-500 ml solution changed into honey-like syrup.
  • This honey-like syrup. is a great nutrient for the plants.

How to use Fish Amino Acid

  • You can Apply this to Soil through drip or sprayer.
  • Do not apply this directly.
  • Add 5 ml of liquid fish amino acid of this with one-liter water for spraying.
  • And It could be also mixed with irrigation water for land.
  • Total Production cost about Rs.30/- per liter.
  • If you want bulk quantity you should be used a minimum of 5kg of fish and 5kg jaggery).

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