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How to start a fruits & vegetable export business

Posted On : October 15, 2021

At present current market scenario, fruits & vegetable export and import are the growing fastest industry in India. Due to the increase in high demand for frozen fruits and vegetable products all over the globe. Due to demand for frozen vegetables, mushrooms & other same products, there is a lot of scope and large investment opportunity in exports.

In this article, you will find the whole procedure to start a fruits & vegetable export business. So read it till the end.

Step 1: Registration of the export Business

First, you need to register yourself with the ministry of commerce through the director-general of foreign Trade (DGFT). DGFT will be giving a unique 10 digit IEC code number. The next you would be to fill a form named ANF2A, And you need to submit the same to DGFT. You have to attach PAN Card and Bank Account Details along with Rs 1000 banker’s certificate. At last, you need to register yourself with Export Promotion Council (EPC) and the commodity board. Selecting the perfect place for your office is very important. It can be in an industrial area or busy market . And it helps to start an

Step 2: Setup an Office

Selecting the perfect place for your office is very important. It can be in a busy market or an industrial area. You can even start an online business.

Step 3: Search for Suppliers

And you need to make contacts with the good suppliers from India. And you have their contacts, contact the supplier and introduce yourself with the potential of exports.

Step: 4 Search Clients

Use your services and try to get sellers overseas. It is helps to identify your competitors and quote prices accordingly.

Step 5: Hire Dealers Distributors and Representatives

In order to be safe and for a smooth business, it is advisable to hire an overseas agent on a commission basis.

Step 6: Packaging and Shipping the Product

The packaging tells a lot about your brand. It is very important to pack and label the product before shipping it. For hire, a shipping company or a freight forwarder would be of great help.

Government’s Support for Agriculture Exports

  • The Government of India encourages Agri exports from the country. It is considered to achieve the goal of doubling farmers' income. The Indian government had introduced Agriculture Export Policy (AEP) to help the export potential of Indian agriculture and increase the farmers’ income.

  • The Department of Commerce has taken so many steps to start AEP at the State and District level. State Level Monitoring Committees (SLMCs), State-specific Action Plans, Nodal agencies for agricultural exports, and Cluster Level Committees have been formed in all of the States.

  • There are specific action plans that also have been formulated to promote exports. A Farmer Portal has been set up by APEDA for providing information for Indian farmers, Farmer-Producer Organizations (FPOs), and cooperatives to interact with exporters. Buyer-seller Meets (BSMs) have been organized to provide export-market linkages.

  • Agriculture export center has also been set up for farmers for various issues specific to exports.

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