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FOUR INCHES BOREWELL Four inches Submersible Pump set is an “open well pump” systems are high quality and high efficiency to electrical designs. Four-inch borewell mostly used by borewell contractors in Madurai for area-wise related to irrigation and agricultural, industrial, public, rural water supply METHOD OF DRILLING 1. Water Jetting – Shallow bores in alluvial formations. 2. Augur Drilling – Shallow bores in alluvial formations. 3. Calyx Drilling – Shallow borewell in both hard rock and alluvial formation. 4. Percussion Drilling – Deep bores in bouldery formation. 5. Rotary Drilling – The most common method used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial formations. 6. Down the Hole Hammering (DTH) Drilling – The most common method for drilling large and deep borewells in hard rock formations. CHARGES FOR DRILLING BOREWELLS 1. Drilling cost per feet, 2. Cost of casing pipe per feet, 3. Cost of drilling and installation charge for casing pipe per feet, 4. Flushing charges per hour for flushing the borewell after drilling and 5. Transportation charges of the rig to the site from the nearest town per km. Then Sri Amman Borewells Drilling rates are sometimes charged in slabs for specified range especially deep borewells are drilled depending on your our borewell lorry in Madurai we having this set of 4.5 INCHES BOREWELLS Sri Amman Borewells borewells telling that A bore well must be flushed periodically for the best yield and safety of the bore well, because groundwater may change any time. We are the great expertise in flushing and cleaning bore well through high-pressure air compressor, which takes raw water, dust, or wastes and decayed particles if any.