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Best Plant Growth Regulators(Gibberellic Acid) : Peptech Biosciences Ltd

Peptech Biosciences is the leading brand of manufacturing Agricultural products. We have wide range of Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulator(Gibberellic Acid), biofertilzers, agro chemicals, fungicides. Pseudomonas Fluorescen and many more. Gibberellic Acid is a flagship product of Peptech Biosciences ltd. It is a hormone extracted from plants and fungi being widely used as a plant growth regulator. "Gibberellic acid" is a tetracyclic di-terpenoid hormone that regulates plant growth. Even though it is present in plants, it is produced at a very low rate. Contact us for more information at details given below. Peptech Biosciences Limited. Address: 905, 9th Floor, Bigjos Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110034 Email: Phone No.: +91-9999168770/ +91-11-71239900 Websites: