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Different Types of Tractors in India


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Different Types of Tractors in India Today in this era, tractors are the most useful machinery to perform such kinds of tasks as pulling, plowing, fertilizer spreading, pasture topping, cropping, and harvesting, snow removal. Tractor size and horsepower and implements are used to perform different types of jobs. Tractors are multipurpose vehicles used for farming, construction, and industrial. Some types of tractors according do tasks. Earth-moving Tractors – These tractors are huge in size, power, and traction. These tractors are mainly used in construction for digging, moving dust, rocks, wood, heavy machines, and parts. The earth-moving tractors are like bulldozers, excavators, and Loader. Utility Tractors - These types of tractors are used in farming like pulling, plowing and other heavy tasks with the help of various implements fit for the task. Industrial Tractors – These tractors known as Tuggers are the most powerful. They're used for pulling, picking, and moving loads. Garden Tractors- These types of tractors are small in the size and have low power compared to other tractors. These are up to 20 HP, designed for moving in lawns and grass-cutting tasks.