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What does landscaping mean? To keep simple landscaping means making improvements in the gardening areas to look and feel good by adding proper design and plants to your garden area. It is a combination of human-made constructions and natural elements.  Think about the beautiful gardens built using extensive garden designs with ornamental plants and monuments and fountains, giving a great view from your window and see a beautifully fixed garden that affects your property's practical functioning. Landscaping includes other disciplines like architecture, science, art, ecology, law, historic preservation, horticulture, and urbanism. What do landscapers do? A professional landscaper is an architect who has chosen this area landscaping as their specialty; these landscapers work with different professions to make their dream creations come into reality. They work with professionals in horticulturists and engineers. Landscape architects start analyzing the natural ground to work out how they can change it, improve it, or recreate it. To do this, they consider its natural state and the elements that currently form part of it, be they waterfalls, rivers, trees, or rocks. These elements will become part of the creation and new artificial features such as fountains and plazas. some Features of landscaping : The following are the features that make your landscape looks lovely. plant beds fountains lawns flowering trees walkways water gardens. Now you got a brief on landscaping design and make your landscaping ideas come true. Where do I get landscaping service? At Ridhi Organic, we strive to provide professional, personalized landscape care and maintenance services for commercial and residential establishments. Our service offering includes 2D & 3D designs, garden makeovers, landscaping installations. We also provide seasonal maintenance services and expert guidance to ensure your landscape/garden flourishes long after the original building. It involves the addition of compost, organic fertilizers, removal of unwanted plants, pruning shrubs and trees, treatment of plant diseases and pests, and maintenance of the irrigation or rainwater system. our services also include: Cooperative and professional Landscape Management Residential and Commercial Landscaping Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs Eco-friendly Irrigation System Installation and Repairs Organic Gardens Outdoor Lighting Design Lawn Planting, Mowing, and Maintenance Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal Hardscaping. Contact us for landscaping service in Bangalore.