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Posted On : January 23, 2021,5:07 pm
India Agri Progress Expo is a world Exhibition on Machinery & Dairy Technology Industry. 2nd edition which is scheduled to be persisted 5-6-7 March 2021 at Fruit & Vegetable Market, Opp. Bestech Mall, Sector-65A, Phase- 11, Mohali, (Pb.) India. Agriculture is the largest sector of India with 70% population having it as the main source of income. In a previous couple of years, it's been an attention sector for the state of India also as states. Moreover, there's huge potential for fixing new technologies and procedures. The biggest challenge during this field is the lack of exposure of the majority of Indian farmers to those technologies, new age equipment's also various policies & practices described by professionals also Government. India Agri Progress Expo was launched with the mission to create a platform, where all the stakeholders associated with this field can interact for the upliftment of Indian Agriculture. The basic objective of launching this show was to supply a top-quality platform in North India, which is matching international standards in terms of ambiance, promotion & professional management. Moreover, a nationwide debate was on about burning topic of making awareness on straw management. Udan Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd. & Punjab State Agriculture Implement manufactures Association (PSAIMA) joined hands along the support of AMMA INDIA to satisfy this challenge & we are launching the 2nd edition of India Agri Progress Expo on Agriculture Machinery & Dairy Technology 5-6-7 March 2021, at Fruit & Vegetable Market, Opp. Bestech Mall, Sector-65A, Phase- 11, Mohali, (Pb.)